Here, in Happenland, artists show works that are based on a personal, and happily respected, brainwave. A brainwave is a witty idea which just happens to be art and that is why it is going to be carried out without mediations, without any thinking about its meaning, its interest, or its being appropriate. The only thing the artist does is to imagine how the idea will be when represented in any format whatsoever (painting, e-book, performance).

Art sit down on the brainwave, regardless of the artist’s intention.

The brainwave is my secret when I think about what art is (ontology is on fashion, nowadays). As a spectator and as a curator, I find it useful for the interpretation of any work. And, as an artist, it is my method for creating. This is why I have included myself among the artists in Happenland, and have done so with a work titled The Luminous Crack, a version of The Silent Breach (2013).


You are all welcome to NY. And you may want to know that I am trying to set up a laboratory on “la ocurrencia” in Spain. I am already searching for places in which to organize new exhibitions, workshops, debates…

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